Automatic Water Level Controller

  • Save energy, water overflow.
  • Fully automatic, No man power required.
  • 30 Days Money back guarantee (Full refund)
  • 1 Year Normal warranty.
  • Warranty extendable by paying Rs.150/year up to 5 years.
  • Fully protected with all possible ways(earth, fuse etc).
  • Powder coated steel body.
  • No hidden charges.

Why we recomend Aqua24?

  1. Dryrun Protection 1.Prevents accidental motor burn out and failure
  2. Perfect option Better for home, apartments, Flats, factories etc
  3. Switch ON and OFF automatically No need of switching the motor on and off when water supply slows down
  4. Components keeps highest quality
  5. Powder coated steel body & Money back

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Little about Automatic Water Level Controller

Designed and developed by Electronic Research & Production Lab. Simply Switch on the device for first usage, and this will check the amount of sufficient water in the collecting tank. If the water level is below the lower sensor, it will turn on the motor to pump water. Once the water reaches to maximum level of your tank, the device switches OFF the motor and prevents overflow. If the continuous water flow is interrupted due to low voltage or insufficient water in storage tank or well, the device will automatically turn off the motor and thus prevents dry running. At the same time, the automatic water controller make a warning alarm with a loud sound to alert the family members around. You have to manually switch Off the device to reset/stop alarm and check the water level in tank and voltage. Low voltage and lower water level cause the alarm sound. Once these 2 issues resolved, you can again switch on the device.

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